Where to buy a Pixy, Snapchat’s drone for selfies

pixy Snapchat drone

Snapchat has been completely overwhelmed by the demand that is having the Pixy drone, the gadget that launched just a few weeks ago and that serves to take pictures and videos in selfie format.

The Pixy drone is able to fly and take pictures or capture video, returning then to the user’s hand

The device went on sale in the U.S. last week, but early users to reserve a unit are reporting that they have been notified a waiting date of up to three months to get their device, which means that the demand for this peculiar gadget has far exceeded Snapchat’s forecasts for how many units it could sell.

In fact, the journalist Alex Heath has shared through his Twitter account part of a conversation held with Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat, in which he confessed to him that, in the face of the delivery times of between 15 and 16 weeks they are offering, clearly they should have ordered more units to be manufactured.

The reason for such lengthy lead times could also be related to previous experiences of the social network Snapchat with previously presented hardware devices, as was the case with its Spectacles smart glasses, capable of taking snapshots.

At the time they manufactured an excess of units that failed to sell, causing losses of more than $40 million to the company. This time they have preferred to err on the side of caution and have been overwhelmed by the demand of users eager to have their own selfie drone.

The Pixy drone, weighing just 101 grams, can be reserved online from their own product website with a price of $249.99the Pixy is available with some accessories such as additional rechargeable batteries, dual battery charger… and also a practical shock protection with an added strap to wear the Pixy drone around the neck.

In such a curious housing the drone would be ready to be removed at any time and proceed to take flight in front of the user and fulfill its function of taking pictures and selfie videos. For this purpose it has six pre-programmed flight and capture modes, selectable by means of a roulette on its top.

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