Where to download Christmas backgrounds for video calling

The mandatory social distancing caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the necessary preventive measures will mean that many meetings and personal encounters between family and friends cannot take place on these Christmas days.

Video calls will be very popular again, as they were in the time of restriction, and nowadays video conferencing apps like Zoom (which removes the minute limit that can be used for free on the dates given), Skype, Google Meet, Facebook Messenger, Jitsy and many more .

Christmas backgrounds can be an option to decorate video calls and not miss the decoration at these festivities

To have a different effect on them, you can add some effects and download backgrounds of all kinds. Here we explain how to change the wallpaper in Skype video calls. However, you can do this in Zoom and other video calling apps as well.

If you want to find special Christmas backgrounds that can be virtually placed on your screen so that your home is not visible, we offer you some interesting options, some websites where you can download Christmas backgrounds for your video calls:

-iCons8.com: On this website for designers they offer the option to download Christmas backgrounds to use in video calls in Zoom and on other platforms for video calls. All you have to do is go to the website, select the Photos option, then select Christmas to get access to a wide variety of wallpapers. Another option is to enter this Dropbox link that they used to share a file for downloading various Christmas backgrounds.

In this video you have more information:

-Freepik.com: It is an image database on the internet from which we can download Christmas backgrounds to use for our video calls. It has free download images, and others require you to pay a premium subscription. When you enter their website all you have to do is paste a keyword like “Christmas”, “Christmas Backgrounds” or “Christmas” in English into the search bar and download the ones you want.

-GearXbox.com: Microsoft has prepared a number of virtual backgrounds inspired by the mythical color that can be used in Skype and Teams. To download them, all you need to do is enter the link below and hit the “Download Now” button to download a compressed file of 14 Christmas backgrounds.

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