Where to download free software for Windows

Programs for Windows

There is a large amount of free software that you can download on the Internet for your computer with a Windows operating system. However, it is important that you know which websites are safe to download programs from so that you do not have problems with viruses or malware. Sometimes, having one of the best antivirus for your computer is not enough and any protection is insufficient.

So that you can make a safe download that does not put your computer at risk, here you will find where to download free software for Windows in a simple and legal way. They are reliable portals that will give you access to a large number of apps for your PC.

Platforms to download free software on Windows

– GitHub: It is a portal created for software developers where source code of different programs is usually published. Most of the software you will find on GitHub will be open source, which means that the program licenses and other data are in the public domain. Many developers use it to implement improvements in programs or make modifications.

Programs for Windows

– Softpedia: It is an all-in-one website, where you will not only find software for Windows, but also apps for this operating system, as well as for Mac, Linux and APK for Android.

Softpedia offers thousands of drivers for Windows, which is really useful. If you need to update an audio or display port, Softpedia will help you find the driver version you need in a matter of seconds.

Free programs for Windows

– Ninite: The main quality of Ninite is that it offers the most famous programs of the moment within its portal. You can download apps like Spotify, iTunes, Winamp, among others, as well as programming and development tools, such as Python x64 3, FileZilla, Eclipse, for example.

All the programs on the Ninite website are, according to the company, virus-free, so you can download what you want without any risks. However, it should be noted that the app catalog is not the largest on the market, but it does offer the most common programs for Windows, such as Steam.

free software

– Informer Software: First of all, its interface is well organized, intuitive and the design is attractive. You will have everything you need just a click away, and not just programs, since you will also find PC games, audio and video apps, educational tools, special software for developers, etc.

In addition to programs for Windows, there is also software for Mac, although the program catalog is not very extensive. The website has a search bar, if you want to search for a specific app or video game, you just have to write its name there and that’s it, you will get all the results.

Software Finder

– Softonic: Like Software Informer, Softonic offers an intuitive and productive interface. You can search for any program by name or browse through categories. It also indicates which are the latest games or applications added to the platform and shows a top of the most downloaded apps.

At Softonic you will find all kinds of software, from famous games like Roblox to extensions for Google Chrome, a catalog of the best VPNs and artificial intelligence programs. Not only for Windows, but also for Mac, as well as apps for Android and iPhone.

Free games for PC

– FileHippo: What we like about FileHippo is that it is completely focused on Windows and has more than 43,000 versions and programs. This makes it easier to find specific software, which can be useful if you want to work with a program published several years ago.

In addition to software, in FileHippo there is also a good list of basic applications for the computer, such as TeamViewer, WinRAR, AnyDesk and more. Likewise, it offers a small catalog of computer games, which is ideal for finding old titles, such as Halo 2, GTA Vice City, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, among others.

game finder

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