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When it comes to providing musical ambience for a party or a celebration there are alternatives to paid music streaming platforms where you can select the songs. Some are even part of the offer of some of these platforms in their free versions. These are playlists, which group together songs of the same style, by the same artist or with a similar theme.

Some music streaming platforms allow you to listen to playlists sorted by theme for free

Having the ability to listen to these types of playlists for free is available on different platforms, both from their own applications (in their free versions) and in some cases through the services’ own websites.

In any case it is enough to follow as search criteria the type of musical style or atmosphere you are looking for at the party or celebration. In some cases there are lists with a few songs, in others there will be hours of musical pieces that will provide the ideal sound background for free. Of course, as these are the free versions of the different platforms, playback will occasionally be interrupted by some of them advertising inserts.

-Spotify: It is a reference platform, available on iOS and Android and also in web version and for smart TVs as well as Windows and Mac computers. In case you want to store some of your favorite playlists you need to register (even in the free version) to be able to do so. These Spotify playlists can be searched by music genres as well as by pre-made thematic playlists. They can be found in the Search-Explore All section, where you can set your preferred search criteria. In some cases there are sub-genres that allow you to further refine your search. These lists may have been created by Spotify itself or by other users.

-YouTube: Although the platform is known for offering videos the compilations in the form of music playlists can also serve to set the mood at a party even if only on the audio side, connecting the device (computer, smartphone, tablet…) to speakers or a music system. The only disadvantage is that you can only leave the playback of videos in the background if you are subscribed to a Premium account. In addition to playlists, there are also thematic channels where you can find compilations of videos, which is especially useful, for example, for children’s parties or for physical activities such as zumba, where you prefer to have this type of content.

-YouTube Music: In this case the streaming platform is specialized only in music, so unlike the parent YouTube it lacks the rest of non-music content, allowing the most advanced options (list creation, background playback…) only to paid subscribers, while with the free option you can enjoy the playlists previously created by other users.

-Deezer: On this platform, which also requires registration via email address for the free version, in addition to searching by playlists you can also create such lists in a personalized way, also allowing searches by authors to listen to their entire discography or related playlists.

-Soundcloud: Like the others, it also has a paid premium version, but the free version offers access to over 200 million songs, accessible in themed playlists.

-Pandora: In this case the free version allows you to listen to music compilations grouped not in playlists but in what the platform calls Radio Stations, something that in practice works the same way and allows you to thematically select the type of music you want to listen to.

-Mixcloud: In this case the specialty of the platform are the sessions or mixes made by a DJ, also classified by genre, theme or type of musical setting. As this is a free version, you can’t individually select a specific track, nor can you advance to the next song in playback.

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