where to invest in cryptos? We analyze PrimeXBT [Vídeo]

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When choosing a platform to trade cryptocurrencies we basically have two options. Choosing a platform or exchange with many cryptos available to make hold and small purchases and sales, or using a platform that emphasizes trading. If the latter is preferred, PrimeXBT is one of the best optionsas we tell you in the following video:

Crypto trading focuses a lot on margin or leverage. This means that you borrow money from the platform or exchange to multiply the amount invested and therefore get more profit, but beware, also more losses. Another notable difference of trading with respect to strategies such as holding is that crypto trading can be played short or long, which means that it is possible to profit from both price rises and falls.

PrimeXBT allows you to copy other users’ cryptocurrency trading strategies with profit

All this is possible in PrimeXBT, but obviously it is a complicated world. In the blink of an eye you can lose a lot of money, as has happened recently. And if you add to the equation terms like stop-loss orders, take-profit, conditional closes and a long etcetera, it doesn’t get any easier.

That’s why PrimeXBT offers, among many other things, an option called copy trading. This feature is intended for users who have no prior knowledge of trading and consists, plain and simple, in copying trading strategies. There are a multitude of strategies to copy, which are presented to the user with a series of data such as days that the strategy has been active, total profitability, number of users who follow it, etc..

In this way, a user can, with a quick glance, choose the strategy he likes the most and put his cryptos to work without having to lift a finger. The price of this feature is a small entry fee and another fee to the creator of the strategy.

If you want to try copy trading and the other functions for yourself (but always with caution) register at PrimeXBT at this link e enter the code “ThirteenBits” to receive a bonus of up to $7,000.

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