Where to watch free movies on the Internet [Vídeo]

Television series movies

Today you can enjoy the best movies from Netflix, the best movies from HBO and the best movies from Amazon Prime Video – as well as other streaming platforms – by subscribing to these services and paying a monthly or annual fee.

However, if you want to enjoy good movies on the Internet totally free you also have the possibility. There are a number of services and applications that offer free movies in a completely legal way and where you can enjoy hundreds of titles without having to drop a single euro.

In this article we are going to tell you which are those services where you can watch movies for free on the Internet:

-Pluto TV: On this platform you can enjoy free movies, but also thematic TV channels and some of the best series. New titles are included every month and it is available for all mobile browsers as well as for desktop.

-Plex Plex allows you to create your own media server with which to watch streaming content, as well as being able to aggregate other subscriptions to platforms in which you already have an account. It is available for almost all operating systems.

-Kodi: It is one of the most used apps to watch movies, series and all kinds of streaming content for free. Available for all operating systems and offers live TV and movie channels.

Unofficial Android apps to watch movies for free

There are also some unofficial Android apps, which you will have to use by downloading their APK, with which you can watch movies -and series- for free and legally on the Internet.

-Videomix: Unofficial app for Android that offers a library of movies and series in Spanish, with good quality links.

-Playview: Unofficial Android app, featuring movies and series episodes organized by category.

-Movies HD: Available for Android, it is not an official app either, with which you can watch a large selection of content, both movies and series, sorted by categories.

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