Where to watch hundreds of free TV channels on the Internet [Vídeo]

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If you are tired of always watching the same thing on TV, and of only having access to the channels that exist in Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) you should know that, on the Internet, you have many totally legal options to watch free TV channels, without having to pay anything, in addition to the options to watch free movies on the Internet that we have already told you about.

To watch free TV channels on the Internetif you want to watch free TV, you just need to know which applications you can download on your cell phone, your tablet or your smart TV, where you will find free TV channels. We tell you the main ones in this video:

-Tivify: It is an app that allows you to watch Digital Terrestrial Television channels broadcasting in your area. It has no cost, just register and enjoy more than a hundred TV channels.

-Rakuten Tv: You can download this service from the Google Play Store or from the Apple Store, for free, although it usually comes preinstalled on most smart TVs. It offers more than a hundred free channels and also includes free movies and documentaries.

-Plex: Another application that is not the first time we talk about and that has dozens of free TV channels, organized by theme.

-Rlaxx: It is an app that allows you to watch more than 20 channels for free over the Internet. In additional content such as series or movies they do broadcast advertising.

-Samsung TV Plus. On your Samsung TV you will not have to download any application to access this service that allows you to watch channels such as Euronews or MTV.

-RTVE Play. It is the RTVE app that allows you to watch the live channels of Televisión Española and have access to much of the historical archive of the channel, with legendary programs, specialized content and much more.

-Mitele. Although it has a paid Premium version, from the Mitele app you can watch Mediaset channels for free on your TV or cell phone. If you want to watch exclusive content, such as series premieres or reality shows, you will have to pay.

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