Where to watch the best horror series on the Internet [2023]

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Horror is one of the favorite genres of digital entertainment lovers. One sign is that, in recent years, this genre has experienced a boom thanks to the possibilities it offers to storytellers for tell stories of all kindsfrom the most gruesome to the funniest.

In the main streaming platforms we can find horror series for all tastes.

Streaming platforms have bet on the horror genre and in their catalog you can find some of the best horror movies. In addition, these are some of the best series of this genre that you can find today.

The best horror series on streaming platforms.

-Black Mirror (Netflix): Season 6 of this series contains some episodes that will delight horror fans. On this occasion, episodes such as Red Mirrror, Loch Henry or Mazey Day has touches of nightmare, creepypasta or even B movies.

-Inseparables (Prime Video): Two twin sisters who share absolutely everything. Both are brilliant gynecologists and are working to forever change the way women give birth. Their study begins in a Manhattan clinic and soon takes a macabre turn, as the two are willing to defy ethics and legality to achieve their goal.

-The Village of the Damned (Skyshowtime): A modern adaptation of the British horror classic, which was already adapted in the early 1990s. A fictional village in the English countryside is completely paralyzed (literally) for an entire day. The next day, when they wake up, all the women discover that they are pregnant.

-30 coins (HBO Max): A series by Alex de la Iglesia with pulp touches reminiscent at times of. The Day of the Beast. In a town called Pedraza strange phenomena begin to happen that seem to be related to the arrival of a new priest and a strange ancient coin.

-Walking Dead: Dead City (Prime Video): The saga of the living dead has already had several spinoffthis one is based on two characters from the main series: Negan and Maggie. The two find themselves in a New York ravaged by the undead, with a setting reminiscent of films such as. 1997: Rescue in New York o The Thing by John Carpenter.

-Historias para no dormir (Prime Video): A classic series, directed by the master Chico Ibáñez Serrador, which has two seasons (one from the 60’s and one from the 80’s). Each episode tells a terrifying and independent story. A reference of horror in Spain. We can also find in Prime a modern version of the series, played by some of the main actors of Spanish cinema.

-Them (Prime Video): Horror series that follows in the vein of Jordan Peele’s films (Let Me Health and Us.), in what has been called “racial terror”. It is the 1950s and a colored family moves into a white neighborhood. What promised to be an idyllic coexistence turns into a nightmare.

-Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre (Netflix): Junji Ito is one of the masters of Japanese horror. The series is an adaptation of some of his graphic novels that delve into some of the viewer’s deepest fears. Terrible creatures and scenes that will make us look away from the TV.

-Yellow Jackets (Movistar +): A series that focuses on the survival of a group, although with touches of esoteric magic, cannibalism and folk horror. The strength of the series lies on its characters and has a slow narrative pace.

-The Last of Us (HBO): This game based on the video game of the same name has been one of the best series of 2023. The series is based in the near future, where society has succumbed to an outbreak caused by a fungus, cordyceps, that turns humans into zombie-like beings. The story follows the journey of Joel, a smuggler, and Ellie, the only known immune person, across a devastated United States in search of a cure for the infection.

-Kingdom (Netflix): “Kingdom” has two seasons and is an excellent period drama, fused with a fast-paced zombie story. We are in feudal Korea, during the Joseon dynasty (14th and 19th centuryx), where a ravenous plague of the undead has been unleashed.

-Ju-on. Origins (Netflix): Following the events narrated in the Ju-On films, the series takes us back to several years earlier and narrates the real events that inspired the mythical Japanese horror film saga.

-The Third Day (HBO): A different series made up of three long episodes. It tells two parallel stories with a nexus of union: a mysterious island inhabited by a group of strange people. Psychological horror that plays with the viewer’s perception and leads him to think that everything is an illusion.

-The Ousider (HBO): Based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, this is a series that starts with a police and noir theme, but gradually reveals paranormal and chilling events.

-Marianne (Netflix): A French production consisting of 8 episodes in which a horror writer must return to her hometown to confront a very powerful evil, the witch Marianne, who was hanged and buried in the 17th century, but who continues to torment the townspeople.

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