Where to watch the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games for free

Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games

This Tuesday has taken place the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, and from now on, and as happened a few weeks ago with the Olympic Games, the competitions of the most diverse disciplines with participants from around the world are happening.

The media coverage of the Paralympics is more limited than that of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Although over time the following for the Paralympic Games in a context of great media competition has been increasing, it is not so easy to follow live these competitions through television channels, but at least on the Internet there are several ways to be aware of most of the competitions and, especially, to relive the highlights of the competitions.

In this case there is not as much variety as with the Olympics, where you could find both apps and various ways to enjoy them online, but still there are ways to be able to follow the competitions for free over the Internet:

-Paralimpic.org: It is the official website of the International Paralympic Committee and has the most complete information about the games with the complete list of competitions, results, medal list… offers data on all disciplines, participants and, of course, the complete calendar of activities. It has a complete search engine that allows you to detail various parameters to locate the time at which a competition is held and although it does not allow you to see live the celebration of the tests it does offer summaries of the most important moments of the same, specifically the finals or the medal ceremony, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies.

Tokyo 2020

-Olympics.com: It is the official website of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and, therefore, also of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. It is available in Spanish and offers complete information about the competition schedule and results, medals won, disciplines… as well as videos with the most important news and information about teams and athletes.

Tokyo 2020

-RTVE Play: Both through the website and the app available for iOS and Android, Televisión Española offers live broadcasting of a selection of competitions as well as summaries of others, also allowing the option of streaming access to the live broadcast of the television channel Teledeporte both from the website and from the aforementioned app.

Tokyo 2020

-Paralympics TV: YouTube channel that broadcasts the videos created by the Spanish Paralympic Committee. At the moment it has the presentation videos of the different teams that compete in the Paralympic Games in Tokyo integrated by Spaniards and you can also see the opening ceremony that took place today.

Tokyo 2020

-Paralympics Games: YouTube channel of the International Paralympic Committee that broadcasts live streaming of the various events of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

Tokyo 2020

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