Where to work in hospitality and tourism

What are the main attractions for accessing the hospitality and tourism labor market? What do employees in this sector value most about the companies they work for? Despite the difficult economic situation, which was exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, which particularly affected the hotel and tourism industries. In sectors where sales have dropped significantly and are having a hard time recovering from the health crisis, Spain is preparing for a new situation ahead of the summer season that will require thousands of professionals.

Hospitality and tourism are two sectors that are experiencing high seasonality and now the high season for these industries is coming. Although it will not be as strong as in other years, it will be necessary to hire many skilled workers both for the summer months and to stay in their positions after the summer dates and to recover some normality as the population is vaccinated.

There will be more supply, but the demand for skilled workers will also increase, who will make a range of demands on the companies they hire in the hospitality and tourism sectors. The more specialized workers can choose where to work and require guarantees, stability and decent wages from those they hire. What are these professionals most demanding?

One way to find out which hospitality and tourism jobs are best is to consult a website like Gowork, an online platform that has a database of companies and opinions on them.

Can you trust the information in it for any business? Absolutely as they are anonymous users who can write opinions about the companies they work for. So they can describe what the work environment is like, the salary conditions, the work environment, the benefits and extras that are provided …

It is therefore a great search engine where people looking for work in various sectors including tourism and hospitality can find a directory of real opinions from real workers about the companies to start their work in and so know which ones Conditions they work will be offered while also having more relevant information to help them decide whether or not to take the job.

On the other hand, such a platform is a way for companies to improve their online reputation by taking care that employees prepare relevant opinions in a free and anonymous way. Likewise, employers will use your feedback to improve in areas where they may not get a very positive rating.

And what aspects do hospitality and tourism professionals value most in the companies they work for? According to the 2020 Opportunity Index created by LinkedIn, achieving job satisfaction is not easy.

The study shows that Spain ranks 8th in terms of job satisfaction among the 22 countries surveyed. Of particular concern is the skepticism about the economic outlook in a pandemic where there will be fewer opportunities in the labor market in sectors such as hospitality and tourism in the coming months.

Nevertheless, it is clear to the professionals what they are asking of their potential employers. For example, access to training is one of the ways workers can identify with to get ahead in their job in a labor market as difficult as this one.

Another challenge is to bridge the generation gap, as age is crucial for 26% of LinkedIn respondents, who say older people have more problems when it comes to getting a quality job in the hospitality industry and To find tourism.

The difficulty of combining schedules is another reason skilled workers may turn down a job, as hours in the hospitality industry are usually tough and are generally divided into separate days. The lack of time to balance personal and professional life is seen as one of the keys to not accepting a job in hospitality and tourism.

After all, for 53% of the respondents it is essential to have a stable job with security that enables a “good quality of life”.

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