Where you can legally watch films and series for free on the Internet

The proliferation of platforms for paid streaming content still leaves room for platforms that offer their content for free and (of course) legally. In addition to the recommendation of the best films and series on Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, Disney +, Apple TV +, Filmin, Flixolé … we would also like to give you options with it Enjoy interesting content for free without having to register.

There are legal and completely free streaming platforms that you can watch movies and series on

A few days ago you We talked about Documentary Pluswith which you can view free documentation on the Internet. When it comes to your series and films, you also have legal options to watch them online for free. Here are some of the most relevant ones you can find so that you can enjoy interesting content without paying for it.

Youtube: Owned by Google since 2006, the platform is best known for hosting videos that anyone can record and share, but it also hosts a range of movies for free and legally.

The vast majority are classic film titles or those whose commercial exploitation rights have not been renewed. The available copy is not always of the best quality and does not have subtitles in the desired language. However, it is surprising how many titles cannot be found any other way with a simple search.

Some titles available: “Rocky”, “Terminator”, “A Very Legal Blonde”, “Rebecca”, “Written in the Wind”, “Sinbad’s Magical Journey”, “The Ten Commandments”, “Twelve from the Gallows”. .

Plex: It has an extensive catalog, but where there hasn’t been a huge hit in the last few years, not even the last few decades, but for lovers of the B series and the low budget cinema of the 60s, 70s and 80s it can be a paradise.

In recent years the offer has been wide, but the vast majority are titles that at the time never went out in theaters and went straight to video. However, with patience in searching, you can find titles from different eras that are real gems.

Since it’s a free service, the user only needs to see a batch of four ads for about half an hour. Available titles: “Apocalypse Now”, “Ghost in the Shell”, “The Lord of War”, “Rain Man”, “Tucker”, “Night of the Living Dead”, “Fitzcarraldo”, “Battle Royale” …

eFilm: This platform is free but limited to those who have a public library card in a large number of these throughout the Spanish territory. It is therefore advisable to consult through the website itself whether the public library in our residential area is included in the agreement.

In this case, after a simple registration process, you have free access to an extensive catalog that shares many titles with the Filmin payment platform. Series such as independent, Spanish and European cinema, but also first-class international titles and different epochs make up the catalog collection. Available titles: “A Pastry Shop in Tokyo”, “The Spy Who Came In From The Cold”, “The Hunt”, “The Man Who Killed Liberty Valance”, “The National Shotgun”, “The Great Beauty”, ” Cinema “Paradiso”, “The Great Dictator” …

Pluto.TV: There are two ways to access its content. One of them works more like a cable or satellite TV that has various linear channels (live TV) with live content. These are thematic channels with movies, series, comedy, crime and mystery, children …

However, Pluto TV also offers an on-demand option for streaming content (films and series) (On Demand) that you don’t even need to register for. In return, there are various interruptions in advertising inserts when looking at the content. Available titles: “The Midsommer Murders”, “The Ride of Our Life”, “Something Happens in Hollywood”, “Darkness”, “The Wisdom of the Crocodiles”, “In the Middle of the Storm”, “Marriage with the Italian” “,” New York, I love you “…

Popcornflix: You will find films that are already in the public domain as well as titles from the catalog of the platform owner, Screen Media Ventures. It is only available through a web browser and only if accessed from the United States of America. Available titles: “Virtuosity”, “Train to Busan”, “The Ninja Turtles”, “The Void”, “The Dictator”, “A Job in Italy”, “The Day of the Triffids”, “The Immortals”. .

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