Which bookmaker is the most technologically advanced?

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In the past few years the online gambling sector has grown remarkably and the future seems to be more promising in this industry, with talk of 5G, AI and the fourth industrial revolution right now. These advances in technology enable the betting industry to offer and improve services such as: E.g. more live broadcasts of different sporting events and faster update of their odds and bonuses to bet on important events.

Although the online gambling sector is currently led by houses like Bet365, Betfair, William Hill or Marathonbet, it is possible that this may vary in the near future. This variation would occur because competition simply “gets tougher” as new technologies reach consumers. Of course, this benefits the user, as both existing and newly entering houses have to offer more and more new services and updates almost immediately.

Some of the most technologically advanced bookmakers

Due to the intense competition in this area of ​​online gaming, it is technically not easy to select the best bookmakers. However, with a technical analysis of some of the most reputable bookmakers, we will name a few that offer the most benefits to the end user.


It is probably the most recognized worldwide and one of the best online betting shops in the world market. Among its technical qualities we have:

-It offers more than 10,000 live sports events via streaming. Hence, it is the one that allows a larger number of live bets.

-It is one of the most flexible on the market as it allows, among other things, to withdraw bets (withdrawals) and edit the game made, as long as there is no defined marker.

-Offers the ability to access broadcasts from numerous sporting events.


Particularly known for its attractive advertising campaigns, which particularly emphasize the so-called super quotas. Its main technical characteristics include:

– They offer users the opportunity to bet on other segments besides sports. So users can also bet on politics, series or reality television programs and watch them live.

– You have live broadcasts of numerous sporting events. During these broadcasts, players can view relevant event data and see in real time how market shares are developing.

– Players can choose the events that will be broadcast live as well as those that only interest them.


It is one of the most famous and comprehensive bookmakers in the online gaming space. The experience that they offer on the Internet is very satisfactory and among their options we have:

-The graphical user interface on both the website and the mobile app is very intuitive, clear and easy to use

-Users can watch a large number of events simultaneously via streaming. This obviously allows them to expand their betting options.

– They offer a large number of broadcasts of sporting events that can be followed via the Internet, tablet or smartphone.

Technologies used behind sports betting

Not only do bookmakers rely on the variations in their odds to provide results and predictions, but other technologies also intervene to give them precision (results and predictions). One of the most widely used today is big data, with which a large amount of data can be constantly managed and processed.

In soccer, for example, every player generates a large volume of data (passes, spikes, shots on goal, goals, sticks, passes, etc.) both in training and in competitions. This data requires complex processing to obtain a summary of the player’s skills. Therefore, perspective and forecast can be obtained when the player enters to play. Using the statistics of each player, a possible end result of the game can be predicted when the team comes into play. There are currently numerous companies selling this data to bookmakers and media in order to provide viewers and bettors with better statistics and forecasts.

Other trending technologies often used by various bookmakers are AI (Artificial Intelligence), although this time around they are not aimed at predictions and / or statistics, but rather improve the player’s experience in a personalized way. By using AI, the system learns based on each player’s behavior and allows it to offer more relevant bets.

The AI ​​system used by various bookmakers works similarly to that of the search giant Google (alphabet). This means that the system creates personalized profiles for each player. Depending on the bets and searches made by the weather, the system will provide results and game options that the player may be interested in. For example, if a player makes multiple searches for games with the term “Real Madrid” on, the system will advertise games in which that team will participate.

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