Which is better a humidifier or an air purifier?


A year and a half after the beginning of the pandemic, thanks to the vaccination of the population and the consequent relaxation of health protection measures, we are beginning to return to indoor spaces: we can once again go to the offices, to school, to the interior of catering establishments… but to do so with total guarantee it is necessary to make sure that the indoor air quality is adequate, that it offers optimal conditions to ensure health and prevent the spread of any disease. In this context, the role played by air purifiers is fundamental.

You may not know the differences between a humidifier and an air purifier. While the former emits water vapour to increase the humidity levels of the air you breathe – which helps, for example, to avoid discomfort caused by dry air in the throat or on the skin – the latter has a completely different function, as it purifies the air indoors so that people can breathe clean and healthy air.

In this sense, air purifiers are now more necessary than ever. Now that we are back to enjoying indoor spaces, it is necessary to make sure that the Indoor Air Quality is adequate. Having an environment free of impurities and polluting effects, both indoors and around indoor spaces and buildings, will contribute to people’s well-being with numerous advantages.

The most obvious one is the elimination of germs and microorganisms, both viruses and bacteria, which is a protection not only against coronavirus but also against many other diseases. But in addition, air purifiers also help in the reduction of allergy symptoms, improve blood circulation and contribute to a better rest of individuals.

That is why having an air purifier like those from Mitsubishi Electric is more than recommended nowadays to breathe clean and healthy air in any enclosed space. These equipments are composed of a fan and a series of filters capable of trapping and neutralizing the main pollutants in the air.

In addition, Mitsubishi Electric air purifiers feature the highest CADR (or clean air purification rate) on the market. This is a unit of measurement that lets you know the effectiveness of an air purifier, as it indicates the amount of clean air per m3/h that the device is capable of filtering. Therefore, the higher the CADR of an air purifier, the greater its capacity to clean the air in which we find ourselves.

Mitsubishi Electric air purifiers stand out for having the highest rate of CADR, ensuring an environment free of impurities in spaces up to 100 square meters, but also for having HEPA filters, double layer and high efficiency, which ensure that more than 99% of viruses and bacteria are neutralized. They renew the air in any room in record time, renewing the air completely numerous times during one hour (known as hourly air renewal rate). The MA-E85R, for example, performs 18 air changes per hour in an empty room of 28.8 square meters, while the MA-E100R performs 21 air changes per hour. In furnished spaces or spaces with people, the renewal rate will be much higher.

If you want to know which is the best air purifier or which purifier to buy, don’t hesitate. In a situation like today, you will be guaranteed the best indoor air quality with Mitsubishi Electric’s range of air purifiers. Do not hesitate to visit the Mitsubishi Electric store and see for yourself how these devices renew the indoor air of any room that, now more than ever, provide great benefits for our health.

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