Who is Carlo Acutis, the patron saint of internet users

Carlo Acut is the patron saint of internet users

The Catholic Church is adapting to the new times, as are her saints. If you don’t believe it, read the story of Carlo Acutis, a 15-year-old Londoner who died of sudden leukemia in 2006. On October 10, 2020, the Church of Rome raised him to the altars by beatification and is today considered to be the Internet users pattern.

Carlo Acutis, the boy who has become the patron saint of the Internet, died of sudden leukemia in 2006

Carlo Acutis is considered the first millennial saint, not just as a young man of this generation, but for everything that surrounds his figure. First and foremost, his body – which has been preserved in perfect condition with no traces of natural degradation – wears jeans, a tracksuit jacket and his favorite sports shoes, Nike. In addition, Pope Francis himself described him as “God’s influencing factor“Or” The pattern of the web. “

Carlo was born in London in 1991 to a middle-class family from Turin who had moved to Great Britain for professional reasons. Although born in Great Britain, the boy grew up in Milan, where he discovered the two great passions of his life: the Catholic faith and social networks. Carlo did a great job all his life social networks for the benefit of the churchand becomes the benchmark for large groups of Catholic youth.

This work earned him the nickname “the Influencer of God”, and the Pope himself affirmed that he was a master at using social networks to teach young people the gospel and word of God, and to convey values ​​and beauty. Carlo created one Space for belief on the weband produced a website on the Eucharistic phenomena of which he became an example for many young people.

But this is not enough for the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints to raise a person to altars. The miracle that earned him his beatification happened in 2013 when a Brazilian boy who was born with a rare congenital disease called the ring-shaped pancreas was recovering no need for operation just by touching pajamas that had belonged to Carlo.

Finally, when the beatification ceremony took place in Assisi, where Carlo asked for funeral when the sarcophagus was opened, it turned out that the child’s body was incorruptible, i.e. practically intact, another supposed token of holiness for the Catholic Church.

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