Who is Leonid Radvinsky, the owner of OnlyFans

Leonid Radvinsky

OnlyFans, the online service designed so that celebrities and famous people could contact their fans and offer them exclusive content, has become in recent years a place where erotic content predominates. In it, both well-known personalities and ordinary citizens “sell” their content and, in many cases, even earn significant amounts of money.

But… who is behind OnlyFans? Who created it? In this article we answer those and other questions about Leonid Radvinskythe businessman that you may not have heard of because he usually stays in the shadows, but who manages the designs of OnlyFans as he is currently its only shareholder.

Who is Leonid Radvinsky

Leonid Radvinsky is a businessman of Ukrainian and American origin, born in 1972 in the city of Odessa, in Ukraine, and who has a considerable fortune – it is estimated that it exceeds 2,000 million dollars.

Radvinsky bought OnlyFans in 2018 from father and son Guy and Tim Stokely, who had created it two year earlier. They invested $12,500 in its creation, but the amount Radvinsky paid for it is unknown.

In any case, it is estimated that it was hundreds of millions of dollars. There would surely be few, considering that it is estimated that, currently, Radvinsky earns $300 million a year with OnlyFans by being the sole shareholder of his parent company, Fenix.

Little is known for certain about the manager, since he does not grant interviews or offer information about his private life. The only profile he has on social networks is his LinkedIn account, where he does not provide much data either.

In it he describes himself as a venture capital investor, philanthropist and technology entrepreneur with a special interest in “emerging social networks.” He also defines himself as passionate about open source, chess and helicopter driving.

It is unknown where he currently lives, although it is possibly in Florida.

Business career of Leonid Radvinsky

Radvinsky majored in Economics at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois, graduating in 2002.

The first company he created was called Cybertania and specialized in referrals and links to passwords for content on web pages. He also later set up an adult webcam company.

In 2018, Fenix, the parent company of OnlyFans, was acquired, which is still based in the United Kingdom despite Radvinsky reportedly residing in Florida, United States. The two creators of Fenix ​​left the company in 2021, leaving Radvinsky as the sole shareholder.

In August 2023, OnlyFans had more than 240 million users worldwide and earned $535 million in the last quarter. More than 3.2 million people around the world share their content on the platform, which represents a growth of 47% compared to the previous year.

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