Why cybersecurity is more important now than ever before

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The unstable situation that we have been experiencing globally for the last two years has led to a digital acceleration that makes us more dependent on the Internet. We need to be connected to work – the boom in teleworking has exploded in recent years – and also to keep in touch with our family and friends – with a considerable boom in videoconferencing. Similarly, online entertainment has grown to give users more possibilities to have fun from anywhere and at any time.

In this context, it is all the more important to be aware of cybersecurity. The dependence on the Internet is such that adopting the maximum guarantees to avoid suffering an online threat is fundamental. If you want to have a good online experience, it is more important than ever to be cybersecure.

In the field of digital entertainment, security is one of the most important aspects for those who like to play online. One of the reasons why online gaming has increased in recent years is because of the greater sense of security that users have. In this sense, betting on safe and trustworthy websites, such as Time2Play, gives players who want to gamble online an extra peace of mind. Here you can find traditional and new casinos that have been subjected to rigorous tests by experts and that guarantee a fully guaranteed gaming experience

In other areas betting on cybersecurity is also fundamental, not only in gambling. The greater dependence of Internet users on the Internet when working, shopping or keeping in touch with family and friends in a context like the current one has led cybercriminals to take advantage of any opportunity to try to trick them and get hold of their personal data or money.

In recent years, in this regard, cyber scams have increased considerably, with methods such as phishing, malware or even data kidnapping to ask a ransom for them with viruses such as the popular Wannacry.

Both on a personal level, as well as in companies, adapting to this technological revolution is essential to remain competitive. And in this era of constant change, cybersecurity is the cornerstone to achieve this necessary evolution.

The rise of online commerce has also completely changed the concept of the consumer and their relationship with companies. There has also been a technological boom that has led to the faster implementation of 5G networks, to ensure a greater and faster connection… and technologies such as Blockchain, the Internet of Things or Virtual Reality have become popular.

All are improvements, but hovering over all of them is the need to bet on cybersecurity, to have an adequate and secure experience in this increasingly online environment, on which we are more and more dependent.

In this hyper-connected world, cybercriminals are not going to stop sending fake emails, launching ransomware attacks or trying to get their hands on users’ personal or banking data. This is why we must be extremely cautious and not trust just any website when shopping online, playing online games or carrying out any other online activity.

It is essential to opt for safe and trustworthy pages to avoid any risk and to avoid falling into the nets of cybercriminals, as they are increasingly sharpening their strategies to deceive Internet users and make them fall into their traps.

In this sense, surf consciously, knowing the risks and threats and learning how to avoid them, and you will surf more safely on the Internet.

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