Why do we fake orgasms?

Many are the people who pretended to have an orgasm when it wasn’t. Make no mistake! This includes both men and women. Why are we doing this? Isn’t it easier to just tell the truth?

The orgasm is the culmination of a sexual relationship, which is characterized by an acceleration of the heart rate, increased breathing and increased blood pressure as well as muscle contractions of the pelvic area. The problem is that we don’t always get to it for many reasons: stress because the other person still doesn’t know us well enough, because the body doesn’t always react the same way, etc. What happened is that we often choose to fake it instead of saying it with complete sincerity. We know our body and we already know how it responds to an orgasm. We just have to imitate this moment and voila, the other person will believe that we have reached orgasm. Let’s look at the reasons why we do this:

I think the goal of sex is orgasm

We tend to mistakenly believe that the only purpose of sex is to culminate in an orgasm. If it is not achieved, the relationship has been a disaster and thinking that this is a big mistake. We have to learn to enjoy sex from start to finish, from every detail. The way we touch, we kiss, the intrusion … everything is sex. If we are obsessed, we will never reach orgasm, nor will we enjoy the journey.


Don’t let others feel bad

One of the main reasons why we don’t tell the truth is not to frustrate our partner. We don’t want you to think that you’re not stimulating us well. If we do this, we will ensure that the sexual relationship never improves. We have to learn to communicate with our partner and to express what is happening to us: stress, lack of stimulation, negative thoughts, etc.

Boredom or tiredness

Sometimes we are tired or hesitant and decide to pretend to have an orgasm so as not to be honest with our partner and not to believe that we no longer feel it. On the other hand, if the intimate moment is long and one of you is over or fed up, the deception of an orgasm will end the act and save a conversation.


We refer to always being able to achieve orgasm with a very experienced person in the field of sexuality, and we don’t want to be weak in front of our partner. Admitting that it takes us to reach orgasm is sometimes difficult for us.


Lack of trust

You may or may not have known the person you have a sexual relationship with recently, and you may still not know each other well enough to achieve orgasm. It is much better to be honest and not to focus on reaching orgasm, but just enjoying yourself.

Are you struggling to achieve orgasm? A little help never hurts

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