Why is Gaza blurry on Google Earth?

With Google Earth you can see almost every corner of the planet in minute detail. However, there are some areas where this clear view is limited, and one of them is the Gaza Strip.

Google Earth shows blurry images of different areas of Israel and Palestine

The images shown by Google Earth are from satellite photos captured by various commercial providers of this type of image from the satellite. For this reason, there are cases where certain areas were photographed with more powerful equipment and with higher resolution, while in others, which are not as commercially interesting, the sharpness is lower.

While the Gaza area is not one of those areas of little interest, the truth is that Google Earth does not show the satellite imagery corresponding to that area with a sharpness comparable to that of other nearby areas, including Pyongyang, the Hermetic Capital the most hermetic country in the world.

The high clarity of satellite imagery provides a lot of information and sometimes that information can pose a security risk. Until last year, the United States limited the quality of satellite imagery that companies in the sector could trade la Ley Kyl-Bingaman. This law, passed in 1997, restricted the circulation of images from the Palestinian Territories until 2020 to keep Israel safe.

Amnon Harari, director of space programs at the Israeli Defense Ministry, told Reuters: “We always prefer that the photos have the lowest possible resolution. […]It is always preferable to have a fuzzy image than an accurate one. ” military facilitiesAlthough in the case of Gaza much larger areas (and outside Israeli territory) appear with little clarity.

The latest images that Google Earth is working with are from 2016 and are not only as current as those available for other regions of the world, but also very poor quality in terms of its resolution. This makes it difficult, for example, for independent researchers to assess the damage caused by the unfortunately frequent rocket launches and bombings that exchange Palestine and Israel.

Apple and Google state in relation to this matter that although they are aware of the availability of higher resolution satellite imagery in the commercial market and have the update of the imagery currently offered on Apple Maps and Google Earth in their plans, More similarly than we think, you also agree to this by having no immediate plans to make these updates.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t available – they just aren’t in these two popular apps. Currently, Maxar and Planet Labs are the two largest companies bringing high resolution images from Israel and Gaza to the market. Both are able to deliver high resolution images. Resolution less than half a meteralthough only commercially.

Gaza City is located in the Palestinian Strip, an area between the borders with Egypt and Israel historical source of conflict between different parties contesting it because of its strategic location between Africa and Asia and because of the geographical and commercial value of its seaport.

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