Why is Google now dedicating its Doodle to the letter Ñ?

On such an important day for letters as Book Day, Google dedicates its doodle to the letter Ñ, which is so characteristic of the Spanish language that it appears in the word itself. In combination with the Google brand, a capital Ñ in shades of blue can be distinguished as a background for the design.

The doodles are the images that sometimes replace the identification of the Google search engine and serve as a tribute or commemoration of events of particular relevance

The reason for Google to put a Ñ on April 23rd has to do with the commemoration of that Spanish Language Day, a celebration launched in 2010 by the United Nations Department of Public Information. The aim is to celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity while promoting equal use of one of the six official languages ​​of the organization.

The letter Ñ is essentially used in the Spanish language and in fact it became a symbol of its identity until it became the emblem of the Cervantes Institute. The first written records date from the 12th century. It used to be represented as two appended letters N (NN / nn) from the Latin geminat, but scribes and copyists adapted the spelling by adding the tilde called Virgulilla to the letter N to save the trouble of storing letters, which gave rise to electricity Ñ. So a Latin word like dose ended up being year to create the current Spanish word “year”.

From the 18th century, the letter Ñ officially became part of Spanish, but It’s not the only language it’s used in. In Spain, it is also used by Basque, Leonese, Babel and Galician, while outside of Spain it has been incorporated into Spanish-influenced languages ​​such as Aymara, Bubi, Guaraní, Mapuche, Mixtec, Quechua, Yavapai and Zapotec in America. . In the Philippines, Ñ is also used in Tagalog and Visayan.

Finally, there are several languages ​​that use the letter Ñ, such as B. Crimean Tatar, Malay or Nauruan. Other countries such as Senegal or East Timor also use it and even in north-west France the Breton language Use the Ñ to represent the nasalization of a preceding vowel, officially approved since 2008 to register names containing it. For example, the French name would become Jean Jañ.

Originally, Spanish Language Day was celebrated on October 12th, Spanish Day in some Spanish-speaking countries, but it was later moved to April 23rd Tribute to Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, the author of Don Quixote, whose date of death was that day in 1616. Same calendar date, not the same day (in England they had not yet adopted the Gregorian calendar) on which William Shakespeare died, which is why Book Day is also celebrated on that day.

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