Why is “Single’s Day” celebrated every November 11th?

Singles day

Online shoppers arrive towards the end of November They prepare their credit cards to take advantage of the specials with Black Friday – which this year will be on November 27th – and “Cyber ​​Monday” which will be on November 30th.

Single’s Day was born in China as a joke among students to defend the contrast to “Valentine’s Day” and to give gifts to singles

However, for those who can’t wait any longer, there is another deadline marked in red on the online bargain hunter’s calendars. It’s about “Singles Day” or “Singles Day” in Spanish, which is celebrated today, November 11th. It is the “Holiday Shopping Day” in China and is already celebrated worldwide. But … where does it come from?

The “Singles Day” came up as a kind of joke among students of various universities in China in 2008 who voted the 11th of the 11th to give gifts to themselves and defend lonely souls in love, as the antithesis of “Valentine’s Day”. Number one «1» in the Asian country, represents a tree without leavesthat can be projected as a graphic representation of individual people. Hence the pronounced symbolic nature of the date.

Due to the success of the first initiative, the “Shopping Festival” 2009 was institutionalized the following year, a trading day already sponsored by Alibaba and its subsidiary Aliexpress. In 2015 the tradition expanded to 232 countries and has broken sales records every year since then.

Beyond the singleness theme, the Singles Day holiday is now an excuse for Chinese companies – and around the world – to offer customers deals and discounts on all kinds of products and merchandise.

As Alibaba has already announced in China alone, a million dollars in sales were already billed in the first 85 seconds of the celebration for Single Day 2020. Everything seems to indicate that this 11/11 will be the biggest online sales day of the year.

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