Why is speed important to SEO positioning?

Speed ​​update

The loading speed is a very important SEO factor for positioning a website. Most professionals and webmasters ignore this factor, resulting in loss of rankings and loss of traffic. This is a mistake because the Web Core Vitals are particularly important to Google, including loading speed.

The loading speed is a very important SEO factor for Google, with which these pages can be better positioned with a loading time of less than 3 seconds.

In fact, the loading speed of a page is one of the fastest 250 quality factors This is used by Google and its evaluators to determine the positioning of a page. However, this is possibly one of the most important as Google has been paying special attention to all factors related to user experience for some time. With this in mind, Google itself stated that the loading time of the pages should be less than 3 seconds, as this is the maximum that a user normally waits for the pages to load.

There are many factors that can cause a website to slow down, such as:

– Large media files: One of the most common reasons for slow loading times is the size of pictures, videos, and other media files. The ideal way to avoid this problem is to optimize the images for SEO using files like JPEG, GIF or PNG and no image is over 50KB in weight. For videos, it’s best to embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo instead of uploading it to the server.

-Directions: Redirects are important to avoid 404 and 500 errors. However, if a webpage has too many redirects it will slow down loading as the browser is forced to follow the redirects before going into full screen mode.

-To much code: This is a common problem with certain WordPress themes that have a lot of hidden code in them. JavaScritp, CSS, and HTML contain code that browsers read before loading. The ideal is to have your own topic that is clean and has little code, although it is complicated and expensive. Hence, it is best to look for lightweight topics that are optimized for fast load times and SEO.

Another common problem with code is that a user is writing content in Word and pasting it into WordPress. This way, if you look at the article on the HTML tab, you can see that there is a large amount of unnecessary code in it. These “dirty” articles result in longer loading times and add a few seconds to the total page load.

-Find the right platform: Nowadays there are many options when choosing a platform to build a website on. Joomla, Wix, and WordPress are the most common, with WordPress being the most popular thanks to all the tools available to improve website loading and performance.

-Hosting: Last but not least, the contractually agreed hosting service has a direct impact on performance. Poor hosting service can cause a website to load slowly. It is ideal to rent dedicated and not shared servers. Before hiring, it is important to check the opinions and comments of other webmasters.

How to analyze the upload speed

Fortunately, there are many free tools out there today that you can use to check a website’s load times, starting with Google Pagespeed Insights, a completely free tool from Google that you can use to analyze a website’s speed and performance. The best thing about Pagespeed Insights is that it shows performance in desktop and mobile browsers and offers some tips on how to improve utilization.

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