Why it is important and how to improve it

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It is becoming increasingly complicated for companies and digital marketers to know how and where to focus their efforts in order to improve organic traffic. 2021 was a year of many changes for SEO and digital marketing, and the same looks set to happen in 2022.

Organic traffic is the basic pillar of visibility on the Internet, as it attracts users who are really interested in our products or services.

Improving the organic traffic of our web page is very important, since any “natural” growth of our audience, it will always be more beneficial to achieve our objectives.

why is organic traffic important?

The importance of organic traffic is qualitative and quantitative, since the visits that come to our content in this way are users who have made a search using keywords or phrases related to our industry or our business. They can also be users interested in any of the topics we touch.

Most importantly, they are users who have come from in a natural and non-intrusive way. In other words, they have performed a search and, among the results that Google has shown them, they have selected ours. In short: they are not on our website because we have attracted them with an intrusive or annoying ad.

how to improve organic traffic to our website?

-Keywords: First of all, we have to be able to select the most appropriate keywords. We have to find out what terms or phrases our users use when they search on the Internet and use them. It is also important to use the right words according to the search intent.

-Create a content strategy: Content is one of the best ways to attract organic traffic. However, just publishing content will not do any good. We have to be aware of what content the user needs in each phase, since their needs are not the same in the discovery phase as in the post-sales phase. The strategy allows us to plan which pieces of content are the best at each moment and work on them in time.

-SEO: We cannot forget about SEO, because if Google “likes” our content, it will position us at the top of the search results page and, therefore, we will obtain greater visibility. In this sense, we must take care of the text, but also the titles and subtitles, the meta-description, the images and everything that has to do with the more technical SEO, such as page loading speed or responsive design.

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