Why plan social media marketing campaigns with Fanpage Karma?

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Whether for a high-volume company or an SME, being on social networks cannot mean opening profiles, posting any content from time to time and little else. That would neither bring value to the followers nor would it bring any benefit to the brand.

If you want to be successful in social networks, every company must plan its presence in them based on a strategy. In this, there must be some premises that are fundamental: establish the objectives to be achieved, set a series of actions and, last but not least, measure and analyze each of the actions, their performance, to know if we are approaching the goals we had set or if, on the contrary, we must reorient the strategy.

For many professional community managers (and for many people who, without being professionals, manage their company’s social networks at the behest of their superiors or “because no one else knows how to do it”) this planning and monitoring task is the most arduous. However, it is fundamental, and possibly less attractive when you do not have the right tools to carry it out.

In this sense, today we are going to present Fanpage Karma, a web analysis tool with which you can develop these actions in social networks in a professional way, planning marketing campaigns in a simple and successful way. We have been testing it during the last week and we can affirm that it is a very useful tool, both for monitoring your own profiles on social networks and those of your competitors. It is, as you will see below, a perfect ally for any social profile manager.

what is Fanpage Karma and why use it to manage your social networks?

Fanpage Karma is a web analytics tool created in 2012 that allows you to interpret and analyze company profiles on the main social networks in order to optimize them and develop a marketing strategy based on data analysis.

Since its creation ten years ago now, the company has established itself as one of the leading providers worldwide in the field of social network marketing tools. It is true that, since its inception, Social Media has changed completely; for example,in 2012 Facebook provided virtually no statistics for its fan pages. However, Fanpage Karma has been able to grow with the industry, offering an answer to the planning and monitoring needs of community managers and social profile managers.

In fact, it has established itself as a tool that professionals can use to plan and analyze activities, establishing their KPIs. It also allows to analyze the origin of fans, check ad pages, know the evolution of publications, analyze the competition or make comparisons and goes far beyond the statistics offered by Facebook or any other social network.

Main functions of Fanpage Karma

Getting started with Fanpage Karma is extremely simple and it won’t take you more than a minute to open an account. You should also know that you won’t even need to include your credit card details, as you can start using it for free. This will give you access to the SILVER version, which you can try for 14 days. If you later wish to sign up for a premium plan, you will have access to additional functionalities, without having to make a large monthly payment.

Among the numerous functions that Fanpage Karma makes available to anyone who manages social profiles for their company or on a personal level, after our analysis we highlight the following:

-Obtaining real-time analytics. With this tool you will understand the usefulness of collecting information and data on the actions you perform in social networks, because thanks to this information you can easily plan or reorient your strategy.


Fanpage Karma takes care of obtaining the analytics of your profiles in the different social networks, obtaining updated reports not only of your actions, but also of those performed by your competitors.

Reports can be exported to Excel and a multitude of formats, or easily presented in Powerpoint to help you prepare for your meetings. Analyses can be configured in an unlimited number of profiles, selecting numerous variables in terms of time, content… and you can also set up all kinds of alerts to be aware of any eventuality.

In this regard, the “Performance Score” function allows you to receive a performance report with scores for each social channel, while “Bar Chart Race” compares profiles over time according to a series of variables. Through the “Duel” you can have two Facebook Pages compete against each other and see which one has a better performance. And with the “Lucky Fairy” you will be able to obtain the winners of any promotion you carry out in the social networks in a transparent way.

-Interaction with users. One of the metrics that most concerns social network managers is engagement, the levels of interaction with users. Thanks to Fanpage Karma it is possible to improve this variable considerably, since the entire communication process can be managed from the platform.

In this sense, it is possible to respond to messages and posts from followers and any user, with a single inbox for all social networks and which can be accessed by several employees, each with their own unique profile. In addition, messages can be forwarded, hidden depending on customer service hours, and an active social listening exercise can be carried out to identify conversations of potential interest to the brand.

Similarly, the tagging feature allows you to analyze the content of posts and find interesting results about the status of the audience.

FanPage Karma

-Management of publications. Fanpage Karma can also function as a content calendar and, from the tool, all types of posts can be written, published and scheduled across the brand’s different social channels and simultaneously.

Also, for example, hashtags can be created and generated for platforms such as Instagram in a very effective way, thus achieving a greater reach for publications.

-Discover. It is very important when managing social networks to be aware of the latest trends and topics that are relevant to the community. With this tool you can, in addition to knowing what are these trends in social networks, you can find out who are the most influential users on a particular topic and perform searches filtering by all kinds of variables.

As you can see, Fanpage Karma can be your ideal partner when it comes to planning and monitoring your social media strategy. Don’t hesitate and start a free trial on Fanpage Karma and, if you want to access all the features, check out all the payment plans that are available.

You’re sure to find the one that best suits your Social Media marketing needs… and your pocket. Let yourself be helped by a really useful tool that will facilitate your work managing social networks and will bring you closer to achieving the goals you set!

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