Why “Singles’ Day” is celebrated on November 11

Singles Day Singles Day

If you are on the hunt for the best discounts and offers on the Internet, November 11 is a day that should be marked with a marker on your calendar. It is when “Singles Day” or “Singles’ Day” in Spanish is celebrated. Also identified as “11.11”, it is a tradition imported from China that brings significant discounts and promotions to the vast majority of online stores.

In this article you will learn about the origin of “11.11”, why it is called that and where you can get the best discounts on this special day.

Origin of “Singles’ Day” or “11.11”

Unlike “Black Friday”, which has its origins in the United States, “Singles’ Day” has its origins in China. It is also a much more recent holiday, as it was created in 1993. Therefore, it is 30 years since the “Single’s Day” holiday.

“Singles’ Day” was created just in opposition to “Valentine’s Day”, which is celebrated on February 14, and in which loving couples traditionally give each other gifts. However, those who do not have a partner are left out of the commercial game, which is why the date of November 11 was chosen so that those who are alone can treat themselves too.

And why 11 of 11? The date 11 was chosen because of the meaning of individualization – or loneliness – of the number 1, which represents a lonely person. Among all the days on the calendar, November 11 is the day that brings together the most numbers 1. It is, therefore, the “loneliest” day of the year.

In China it has become a symbolic date… and also the day on which the most online transactions are carried out each year, and the tradition has also spread to other markets.

Although in most of the world “Black Friday” is still the date on which most online sales occur, “Single’s Day” has become for many a way to get ahead of sales and discounts or to buy those things for those who do not want to wait yet for the arrival of “Black Friday.”

This year the «Black Friday» will be celebrated next November 24, as it is always celebrated the Friday after Thanksgiving, that is, the last Friday of the month. But those who cannot wait until that date to make their purchases now have an interesting opportunity with the celebration of “Singles Day”, the first important date for eCommerce ahead of the Christmas campaign.

Where to find Single’s Day discounts

Most online stores have decided to join the “11.11” holiday and offer significant discounts and gifts. In Spain, there are many companies that celebrate this day and extend it to almost coincide with the pre-Black Friday dates.

This means that, in many cases, along with the celebration of CyberMonday, the offers and discounts are extended throughout the month of November, without the limits of one holiday and another being completely clear.

As for the “Singles’ Day” – or days, since many extend their celebration- large electronic stores such as Amazon, El Corte Inglés, PC Componentes, Kiwoko, Apple, eBay… have significant discounts.

Of course, Single’s Day is also celebrated especially in online stores of Asian origin. AliExpress, the large online store from China, makes this day its biggest holiday, and the same goes for online stores like Temu or Shein.

Getting ahead of the arrival of the Christmas Campaign means being able to take advantage of promotions and discounts like those found all over the Internet today. However, it is advisable to be extremely cautious and remember that “no one gives a penny for four pesetas”, so it is necessary to be wary of big bargains and, above all, be clear about these tips to buy online without problems.

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