Why some museums open an account on OnlyFans and Pornhub

OnlyFans stats profiles with more Likes

Four museums in Vienna have opened an account on the social network OnlyFans to be able to show images of works of art in which nudes appear, since other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or TikTok remove every publication in which paintings or sculptures containing nudity are shown.

Social networks that prohibit the publication of nudity do not distinguish whether they are photographs and videos of works of art

This is an initiative that had already been carried out by other art galleries on Pornhub. Now the Albertina Museum, the Leopold Museum, the Museum of Art History and the Natural History Museum in the Austrian capital are to be banned from posting nude photos and videos of works of art have opened an account on OnlyFans.

Facebook, Instagram or TikTok clearly prohibit the publication of nudity in their rules of use and make no distinction as to whether the nudes are newly created photographs or videos or whether it is the capture of images showing works of art, paintings or sculptures exhibited in the halls of a museum.

This issue has led to repeated deletions of posts made by these museums on their Facebook, Instagram or TikTok profiles, leading them to opt for the alternative of opening an unusual profile of their own: on OnlyFans. This social network has become popular as a means of direct communication between the creators of content and their fans, and its use has become generalized for disseminating adult content for a subscription fee.

In this case the Viennese museums have fixed a payment of 3 euros to be able to access the images of paintings and sculptures showing nudity, but in exchange for that amount the subscribers,in addition to their own access to the contents, the entrance fee to the four museums is included that are part of the initiative.

Finally to the subscription is added a Vienna City Card, a card that allows you to free use of public transport in ViennaThe museum’s membership is thus enhanced for tourists interested in visiting these museums in person, making it easier for them to travel between them all.

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