Why upload business videos to Google Business Profile?

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Google Business Profiles allows users to add business videoswhich can greatly improve a company’s reach and visibility. Videos with a type of content that is more easily consumed than articles or texts and, at the same time, also invites interaction, as they can become viral and be shared on other platforms and social networks.

Google Business Profile allows users to add videos to their profiles to entertain, educate, or showcase their company and products.

To add a video to Google Business Profile (the tool formerly known as Google My Business), you simply need to go to the “Photos” sectionwhich appears in the menu on the left side of the screen. At the top, you will find an option called “Videos”, just drag the video to the screen or upload it from your computer. Once it’s uploaded, all you have to do is set up the metadata and you’re done!

Also, creating a video for the profile is very simple, as Google offers a free tool to create videos, which we can use if we don’t have the tools or technology to do it any other way. However, these videos can be made even with a mobile phoneYou just have to take care of the image and sound quality, as well as save the file in MP4 format.

What are the benefits of videos in Google Business Profile?

First of all, not everyone knows that it’s possible to upload videos to your Google Business Profile, so it can become a differentiating factor. This could be important, especially at the local level, where being able to differentiate ourselves from other similar companies is very important.

We can also use videos to offer customers and clients information about our companiestheir products or services, as well as our facilities. We can also take advantage of videos to create educational content that we can later share on other platforms or social networks.

In this sense, videos can be used to demonstrate services or products. Finally, we cannot leave aside the ability of videos to go viral. Moving on from an image is easy, as we are saturated with content, however, videos do not attract attention and, if we like them, it is easier to share them.

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