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Having a certain amount of real followers on social networks like Instagram can help you achieve whatever you set out to do online.

Perhaps this is the first step before desperately looking for followers on those online platforms where you have a presence: it is advisable to decide beforehand what you want to achieve, to set a goal.

Now, in order to achieve it, in addition to thinking about actions to dynamize the account or develop the best possible content, there is something that is essential: to have a good number of followers that allows us to expand the influence we have on the Internet.

Our main advice is to always resort to organic growth. Try to ensure that the followers themselves are the ones who attract other followers, who will be attracted thanks to the quality of the content we publish and the fact that we are offering a value proposition and quality. In this article we are going to go over some of the issues you should take into account if your goal is to naturally increase your number of followers and we are also going to show you some tools that could help you in this task. Let’s get started!

A tool to grow organically

If you want your Instagram account to grow, one of the options you have is to promote it properly. In this sense there is a tool called You to Subs that will allow you to increase your influence and have more chances to achieve what you propose or generate business opportunities.

You to Subs

This is a platform that puts content creators in contact with freelancers willing to interact with their publications in a natural way. It is not about buying followers, but it is a way to achieve organic interactions, in a natural way, which Instagram’s algorithm will surely value in a very positive way. This is how to grow your Instagram account.

Since it is organic growth, it is totally safe. On the one hand, all the followers with whom you interact are real people with real accounts that have experience on the platform and a minimum of publications made.

On the other hand, the system allows you to work on engagement by understanding how Instagram’s algorithms work. This increases the chances that the account and publications will go viral and have a much greater reach on the social network.

This tool can be an alternative to advertising campaigns on social networks to promote accounts or content. Recommended for businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to large companies, and also for influencers and content creators, it allows to increase the possibilities of monetization of social channels. Do you dare to try it out?

Create a content plan

When it comes to gaining a community of followers on social networks like Instagram, it is essential to have a strategic planning when assessing the content to be published.

Generally, most users make the same mistake: posting whatever first comes to mind or, even worse, posting something for the sake of posting, without any sense. However, if you are able to establish a content calendar and plan the content that will help you achieve the goals you have set, you will be on the safe side.

Value proposition

Offering good content alone is no longer enough. That’s something that many other social media profiles do as well. You have to define what your value proposition will be: what will make you stand out from the rest and what are you going to offer your followers so that they decide to follow you and not that other person or company? This will be your hallmark in the social network, the main bastion on which it will be based.

Define your audience

Knowing well the people you are going to target in that social network will allow you to have very valuable information that will help you develop your strategy. Are you able to define your ideal follower?

Having data such as the average age, gender, level of education, tastes and hobbies… of your followers will help you to find other like-minded people.

Satisfy their needs

Defining your audience helps you understand what their needs are. This is what is called, in marketing terms, the “pain points”. They are those things that your audience would like to have, those sensations they would like to receive, those needs they need to satisfy. If you are able to generate and respond to them through your social networks, the number of followers will undoubtedly increase considerably.

Show yourself as you are

Never forget that social networks are made up of people who follow other people and who gather together based on a common interest. Let them get to know you, show your day to day life in Stories, post Reels, make funny videos, upload collages and photo mosaics… to surprise them with a dose of reality and, as far as possible, forgetting about posturing.

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