Why you should update Zoom as soon as possible: important security flaw

If you are a user of the Zoom video calling tool, you should update the version of your application sooner.

This has been stated by the company, which has begun to display warning messages to its users urging them to update to the latest version of the application to correct a major security flaw.

It is a vulnerability found in Zoom clients for Windows. Specifically, in the Zoom Desktop client for Windows, the Zoom VDI client for Windows, and the Zoom Meeting SDK for Windows.

The threat has been identified by the Zoom Offensive Security team, made up of the company's cybersecurity experts, and allows an external actor, with the appropriate knowledge, to increase privileges and have access to user accounts and content in the video calling tool.

The vulnerability, which has been registered as CVE-2024-24691, has been classified by the company as “critical.” In the security bulletin published by Zoom, it is explained that the security flaw found allows “an unauthenticated user to escalate privileges through network access.”

That is why the company asks all users of its Windows clients to update the tool to the latest available version, to fix the security hole. To do this, you need to access the Windows application store and download Zoom again so that it is updated to the latest version, which includes the security patch.

Zoom has not provided further information about the vulnerability. For example, it is unknown how long the security hole has been known to exist or how long it has been available. Nor has data been provided on the number of compromised accounts or users who may have been affected by the vulnerability and the consequences they may have suffered.

If you no longer want to use Zoom, you can cancel your account or use one of the alternatives to Zoom for video calls available on the market.

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