Why you shouldn’t buy reviews on Google

Google My Business

Google My Business and Google Maps offer users and business customers the opportunity to rate their experience with a company, assign a rating between 1 and 5 stars and, if desired, add a picture.

Buying positive and negative reviews is common not only on Google, but also on other platforms such as Facebook or Trivago

These reviews not only give customers an idea of ​​what to expect from the company, but they also play a role in the positioning of the Google My Business page in the search engine. With that in mind, it’s the companies and companies that get the most reviews, regardless of whether they are positive or negative appear in the first results the google page when searching.

Buying reviews, whether they are positive for your own business or negative for your competitors, is a widespread and harmful practice. Here are some reasons why you should never pay for a review on Google:

-It’s against google guidelines: Buying reviews is penalized by the platform’s usage guidelines. If Google detects a purchase from a review, it could penalize the business, freeze or close the account.

On the other hand, customers can also spot these fraudulent reviews, which leads to a loss of trust and they could point out in another review what would be counterproductive and create a snowball effect and a significant loss of credibility.

– Buying reviews is illegal: In some countries, such as Spain, the US and the UK, buying reviews of any product or service on the internet is illegal, so you may be fined in addition to a Google fine.

– Valuable opinions are lost: Many of the reviews contain valuable observations that can provide new insights, ideas, and even a list of keywords that users can use to find the company.

By buying reviews you are missing out on all of this information that could be very important in order to improve and stand out from the competition. Mixing with the paid content makes it impossible to identify trends, keywords or search patterns from users.

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