Wikipedia links do not benefit SEO positioning


In order to achieve better SEO positioning, the authors of the articles develop link building techniques and try to get high quality external links pointing to their web pages. However, they do not all have the same value.

Wikipedia links have no influence on a website’s SEO ranking

For example, there are those who create articles and entries on Wikipedia to link to their content and believe that this is a domain with a lot of authority that will benefit their page. However, as John Mueller, one of Google’s most renowned SEO positioning web analysts, confirms, links to Wikipedia do not have a positive effect on a page’s SEO.

This was confirmed by the Google expert in a discussion on Reddit where he stated this Wikipedia links are worthless not only for SEOHowever, they have no function in terms of displaying the website on which they are hosted in the Google search engine.

Why is it so? This is because Wikipedia decided this in January 2007 All of your external links were not following with the aim of reducing spam. These types of links give no weight when it comes to appearing in the search engine. These are links that have an attribute with the value “nofollow” and that do not affect the search engine ranking of the target address, since the search engine does not crawl these links.

That said, there is no point in linking to Wikipedia. According to Mueller, the only thing that is achieved through these links is to give the Wikipedia administrators additional work that they will have to remove later. Hence, adding links on Wikipedia is a waste of time for a website administrator looking to improve their SEO.

In any case, this contradicts the statements made by the company in September last year, when Google promised to take the “nofollow” links into account. from March 2020 and even added new attributes for links.

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