With Dropbox, you can use the password manager for free

The cloud storage service Dropbox has had a password management feature since last year, but it was limited to users of paid accounts. Yet, from the month of April The company will also allow those who have a free account to use this service.

A password manager increases security and makes it easier to use multiple passwords

The Password manager Dropbox passwords Free Dropbox users can save and manage up to 50 passwords and sync them with up to three devices. Dropbox Passwords also offers suggestions for creating stronger passwords. In addition to being used with the macOS, Windows and Linux operating systems, it has an app for iOS and Android.

The possibility that Dropbox will enable an option in the future that allows passwords to be shared with other users of this cloud storage service remains open, although this has not been confirmed.

The need to use a password manager is almost a must for security reasons. With the use of multiple online services (email, social networks, subscriptions to payment services, streaming platforms, shops and e-commerce …) more and more passwords are used on the Internet.

Some basic recommendations about passwords can be made: use different keywords, don’t write them on a piece of paper or in a file called passwords.doc, and try to make them complex and difficult to guess.

For example, compared to simply remembering a password like “paco94madrid” which consists of name, year and place of birth, the complexity layer of adding the online service that the password belongs to and changing the vowels to numbers by adding capital letters am Beginning of the word and a symbol in the middle: “P4c094M4dr1d # F4c3b00k”. More difficult to find out would be without a doubt “jgf6% jwi-weij7 _ (/”, but it is almost impossible to remember … let alone a different password in this format for each service.

This is where password managers come in, the usefulness of which is that it would only be necessary Remember a single complex password that gives us access to everyone else. Dropbox Passwords is therefore being introduced as a new free alternative to LastPass, one of the most popular password managers that recently changed the terms of use of its free version and restricted it to a single device.

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