With Google Stadia, you can broadcast live on YouTube

Google Stadia broadcasts YouTube directly

Google Stadia, Google’s cloud video game subscription service, has not yet allowed users to stream their games directly via YouTube, which made little sense given that the video platform is also owned by Google.

Google Stadia has started working with YouTube so that users can now stream their video games live on the video streaming platform, both owned by Google.

It is not known why it has been more than a year since Google launched Google Stadia to allow live broadcasts on YouTube. What is certain, however, is that this is already a reality. Google didn’t officially announce it, but the feature is already listed on the service.

To broadcast a video game via YouTube you will need to enter your Google Stadia account and hit a button called “Broadcast Directly to YouTube” which will now appear in the “Live Broadcast Options” section as shown below:

Stream video games live on YouTube

When the video is published, it is treated like any other content that is trying to be uploaded to YouTube and it has to go through a series of ratings where the creator has to indicate, for example, whether it is appropriate content or not kids . The system also requests a title to start broadcasting the content.

During the broadcast, you can adjust the privacy options and even add a viewer counter. You can also use other options such as “Crowd Choice” which allow live polls with viewers about the game. You can also use Crowd Play, the multiplayer option, although this is not fully implemented yet.

Regarding the audio recording of the broadcast, users have the option to choose:

-YouTube and Game Chat– The audio mixes the sound of the game, the user’s own voice and that of everyone else who is part of the game’s voice chat.

-YouTube only– Game and player audio are streamed

-Group chat only– In-game audio is disabled while in-game party chat is private.

-Nobody– Only game audio is streamed while the audience and player voices are muted.

For audio from copyrighted streams, it is not known whether Google will implement a mute option.

Currently, streaming games via YouTube is only available on the web version of Google Stadia. The mobile version for Android or Chromecast has not yet been reached.

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