Word’s dark mode becomes even darker

Microsoft is Word dark mode improvement with a future update that will make it even darker. So far, Word’s dark mode has been limited to changing the toolbars and the frame of the document. However, the background of the document itself remains a brilliant white color, which can only be fought by manually dimming the screen brightness, darkening it, but turning it off.

Microsoft Word’s new dark mode will be available to all users in the coming months

However, Microsoft is already working on one Dark mode next update of the word processor that corrects this situation and achieves it so that users enjoy the benefits of a true dark mode that effectively reduces eye fatigue and significant battery saving, as many other applications have already done, such as Google Docs, the processor of google texts.

The new dark mode in Word changes the background of the document from white to a color between dark gray and black. This will force the company to adjust the colors used in this document, according to Ali Forelli, program director for the Microsoft team that works in Word. Therefore, the reds, blues, and yellows contained in the text, as well as other light colors, are slightly toned down to adapt to the new color palette, which requires changing a background that is no longer white.

In order to regulate this new dark mode, there is a certain tab in the menu bar with the symbol of a crescent moon and the name Mode change, with regard to the possibility of activating the switch between the current dark mode (document background) in white) and the new dark mode (document background in dark gray / black).

This addition of the new Dark Mode brings the option already available in One Note to Word. Office 365 beta testers can take advantage of this right now, and it is expected to do so in the next few months is available to all Word users.

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