World rainbow day

Didn’t you know there is one? Oh well. It is celebrated every April 3rd. This colorful phenomenon is always welcome in heaven. However, it is sometimes difficult to see for a long time. It’s a good time to look for it on World Rainbow Day.

World Rainbow Day is celebrated every April 3rd.
World Rainbow Day is celebrated every April 3rd.
Looking for colors in the sky

This phenomenon has baffled mankind throughout history. Visualizing a rainbow may not be an everyday occurrence. The rhythm of daily life, tall buildings … many things conspire against this purpose. World Rainbow Day is celebrated every April 3rd. The origin of this celebration is unclear. But it’s an ideal excuse to spend a day looking for ways to enjoy it.

Newton identified the seven colors of the rainbow in their order. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. The British scientist described the decomposition of sunlight. And he found that the colors and their order were always the same. It is the best known scientific explanation of the phenomenon. Of course, there were also explanations that escape the scientific point of view. The striking phenomenon has been attributed to the grace of various gods. A famous legend that is remembered to this day says that a pot of gold is buried at the end of a rainbow.

How to look for the rainbow

Joe Rao is an American meteorologist and astronomer. Provides helpful tips on where to find a rainbow when it rains. First of all, the expert recalls that the rainbow is always seen from the opposite side of the sun. Therefore, the rainbow is visible in the west in the morning. In the afternoon, when the sunlight comes in from the west, the rainbow will project to the east.

Rainbow often draws attention and attracts the eye of passers-by.
Rainbow often draws attention and attracts the eye of passers-by.

It is more common for it to rain in the afternoon than in the early morning. Hence, they tend to see more rainbows after noon than before. This feature is used by seafarers in the northern hemisphere to predict the weather. In these latitudes, storms often move from west to east. Seeing a rainbow in the afternoon was a sign that the storm was already over. When the rainbow appeared in the west in the morning, the rain came.

It is not always possible to see a rainbow when it is raining and the sun is rising. It will easily look like a full arch as the sun rises or nears setting. However, if it is more than 42 degrees from the horizon, it will no longer be visible.

In these cases the rainbow forms below the horizon line. Rao points out that under these circumstances there are two ways to view the phenomenon: from an airplane or from a high mountain.

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