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Beyond the streaming platforms, the vast majority of which are usually paid, there are TV channels whose broadcasts are free. But not everyone is in the coverage area of the broadcasts of all the channels on the planet.

The World TV Mobile website lists more than 3,000 TV channels from more than 240 countries or territories.

Fortunately, thanks to the Internet, information circulates freely throughout the world and this includes the possibility of accessing thousands of television channels, whatever the territory. There are services such as PlutoTV, with free content, others that allow you to watch free DTT channels, or Photocall.TV, which offers more than thousands of free TV channels on the Internet. But today we are going to talk to you about another tool that offers more than 3000 TV channels: the World TV Mobile website.

What World TV Mobile is and how it works

It is a website where they appear classified both by country and by content category thousands of digital terrestrial television channels, completely free of charge and that can be enjoyed without the need to register in any platform, log in or pay any kind of subscription.

The channels correspond to more than 240 countries or territories and the categories (comedy, cinema, music, news…) are almost thirty, and mixed searches can be established.

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In its World TV Mobile menu it allows you to set channel searches so that if the user is interested in watching Spanish movie TV channels, it will be enough to apply these criteria to obtain a list of only those channels.

Once the search result is obtained, simply click on the corresponding channel button to access live streaming of the content being broadcast by that channel at that moment.

In addition to accessing content that is not available in the territory where the user lives, World TV Mobile’s huge base of TV channels allows users to discover content from other countries and practice languages, as well as to keep in touch with content from their own country when traveling abroad.

Finally, as it is a website, the more than 3,000 TV channels from all over the world that World TV Mobile collects are also available on the Internet. accessible from the browser of the tablet or smartphone.

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