XTube will be closed forever on September 5th

The pornographic website XTube will be closed forever from September 5th. The website is owned by the Canadian company MindGeek, which also controls other areas of pornography on PornHub, RedTube or YouPorn. The company announced that after 13 years of operation, XTube will be closed for good without giving any reasons for the closure.

MindGeek, the world’s largest pornographic production and distribution company, has not explained the reasons for XTube’s closure

In fact, the news of the closure of XTube did not become known because the company published the statement, of which there is no trace in their profiles on social networks. Has been Laile Mickelwait, activist against trafficking in women and sexual exploitation, who shared the XTube statement on Twitter.

MindGeek is that world’s largest company for the production and distribution of pornographic content. In addition to the sites already mentioned, the Canadian company owns the film and porn video production companies Brazzers Digital Playground and Reality Kings.

Complaints about illegal content

In the past few years MindGeek has been involved in various scandals and legal issues. Some of the company’s websites contain illegal content such as underage sexual abuse, rape, or so-called “revenge porn,” which consists of sharing intimate pictures of a person without obtaining their consent.

Without going any further, the same month of June 34 women filed a joint complaint against PornHub for appearing in videos on the portal without your consent.

Journalist Nuria Coronado said in an interview with TreceBits last February that “MindGeek / PornHub has managed to sell itself as the Great Samaritan. How many of the 42 million annual visitors it has know that.” This website is the epicenter of pedophilia in the world Or that the American NGO Exodus Cry has accused her of showing rape and torture of children and women? How many people are aware of the tremendous work of TraffinckingHub denouncing that the most viewed videos are rape of babies or minors, or that the platform had to remove half of their videos, i.e. 10 million content, because they were full of sexual content ? Abuse of minors or that there is a millionaires lawsuit from 40 victims of sexual exploitation?

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