You analyze the pulse with an Apple Watch and detect COVID-19 before the PCR

Researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York conducted a study that concluded that the Apple Watch is capable of this recognize a positive for COVID-19 a week before the time a PCR would do this.

The study participants collected their vital signs for six months

The study results were peer-reviewed and published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. 279 health workers at the New York Mount Sinai facility were involved. During the time of the study, they used smartphones iPhone 6 or later models and Apple Watch Series 4 or later smartwatches. The data captured by the Apple Watch sensors was transmitted to the iOS Health app, with which it was shared la app Warrior Watch developed by researchers.

Those who participated in the study were asked to fill out a form daily during the months of the study to indicate this possible coronavirus symptoms Along with other factors like stress. The data was collected between April and September 2020 and the researchers’ attention focused specifically on the variation in heart rate, an indicator of that Stress on the nervous system.

By combining this data with other data related to the effects of the coronavirus (fever, pain, dry tea, loss of the sense of taste and smell), a pattern has been developed that can anticipate the effects of the contagion a week in advance to what PCR might accomplish, especially those done nasally. However, this is not the first method studied to try to better detect the presence of COVID, as there are even algorithms that try to anticipate this by analyzing the cough sound.

At the same time, the study found that participants’ heart rate variation patterns normalized more quickly after diagnosis and reached normal values ​​within just a week or two.

The researchers remain confident that the results of their study can help fuel excitement in the EU Detection of contagious outbreaks due to the coronavirus, so that from the first moment measures can be taken to isolate those infected and avoid transmission to other people with whom they are in contact, without the need for physical exams.

The study does not end after these results are offered. The researchers responsible for this plan to expand if there are other portable devices that can provide information that can be used to anticipate the diagnosis, such as sleep monitoring.

At the same time, Apple is doing its own research with research teams at medical centers in Seattle and Washington to find out how changes in blood oxygenation and heart rate can affect it Early warning sign the presence of flu and COVID-19.

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