You can buy Spot the Robot Dog and it will help you with household chores or in your company

In June 2020, Boston Dynamics released the robot dog for sale on Spot. This robot was developed by the same company a year earlier. The company makes robots and Spot is the most popular robot. Partly because it has a self-sufficient battery system. In other words, it doesn’t require human intervention.

Find the robot dog
Spot image from Xataka:
Find out that the robot dog was purchased to perform various tasks

It has been tested to perform various functions. The range of tasks that can be developed is very wide. He can act as an industrial inspector for a company, but is also suitable for entertainment or monitoring tasks as well as for security purposes.

  • Great Britain is using it in the Battersea Power Station construction project. The architectural development is in central London. They will build a center that will include offices, business premises and houses with an old power plant as a base.
  • Some Boston hospitals have acquired robot dogs to treat patients with Covid 19. They programmed these robot dogs to record each patient’s temperature, oxygen saturation, and pulse.
Find the robot dog against Covid
Image captured by IProUp:
  • In New Zealand, Spot was acquired by a company to tend sheep. In addition, data is recorded and agricultural statistics are compiled. You aim to optimize agricultural production.
  • In Singapore, they bought the robot dog to circulate in a park and enforce social distancing.
  • He also worked in construction, taking 360-degree photos and working with police to defuse explosives.
The company that made it adds an arm that allows you to get more things done

This arm is mounted on the top of the head. It eventually allows you to be a proactive robot dog and expands the tasks you can perform. He picks things up from the floor, can open a door or flip a switch. You edit it remotely via an API that allows spot programming from a device with an internet connection such as a tablet.

This new possibility opens up a wide range of tasks that you can perform. It can be used to collect soil samples from Mars, dig a hole to plant a tree, or organize a pack of robot dogs ready to guard a park

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