You can enlarge videos using Google Photos

Google has added new features in Google Photos that allow you to interact with videos in a similar way to photos and that are already available to some users of the application. We will remember that there will be no more unlimited storage available to users from the next day, from the month of June.

Videos in Google Photos can now be enlarged with a simple gesture on the touchscreen

When playing a video, the video can now be expanded so that it fills the entire screen with just two taps on the phone’s touchscreen. The image is automatically expanded without interrupting playback in terms of the proportion of the formatuntil the maximum possible space on the screen is occupied. This is a typical gesture that is usually done with photos but has not yet worked with videos.

On the other hand, the opportunity to make Zoom in on a specific part of the videoIncrease the size by using the pincer gesture with two fingers. Once zoomed in, you can scroll through the entire video without losing that magnification. This can continue as you scroll further.

Again, this is a proprietary photo feature that now finds its way to the video and makes it easy to examine certain parts of a video in detail while the video continues to play. Just like a photo can be zoomed in and scrolled to reveal its details, Google Photos now allows a video to play.

These new features are already available in the latest version of Google Photos, but currently also depend on the terminal. This means that some users with cellphones that are not current models have not yet received the update even though Google has not confirmed the list of models. You need to check if you already have access to these messages by accessing the application.

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