You can now confirm participation in virtual events using Google Calendar

In the past year and a half, digital platforms have had to adapt and develop new tools to facilitate telework communication. In this line, the announcement by Google is framed to introduce the possibility in Google Calendar schedule and confirm attendance at video conferencing and other events virtual.

Google has integrated the option of planning and confirming participation in video conferences and other virtual events in the calendar

As confirmed by the company itself, this new feature has gradually been rolled out and is fully available today. Google Workspace customers as well as G Suite Basic and Google Business customers can use this tool.

The organizer of a virtual meeting can send invitations to attend. This appears scheduled in the Google calendar of the recipients, who can confirm their participation or announce their absence. This information that is collected in a new drop-down menu, it is visible to both the organizer and the other guests.

This allows the host to know in advance how many people will be attending the conference. Plus, you can’t just confirm whether or not the meeting will be attending Indicate whether this should be done by video call or in person. Although this option is currently limited to Google Calendar, the company has announced that it will expand it to Gmail as well.

With this strategic move, Google continues its tendency to fully integrate its various tools. For example, since last June, Google has integrated chat and rooms into Gmail. This makes it possible to access all of the company’s communication tools from one screen.

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