You can now travel with pets in Uber

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Until now, pet owners who wanted to take a chauffeur-driven car ride within their city had to rely on a taxi and, depending on the willingness of the driver, could travel with their dog or cat to their desired destination.

Until now, Uber users could not travel with their dog or cat

However, from now on they will also be able to do so in Uber. The company – which until now prohibited traveling with pets in their vehicles – launches “Uber Pet”, for the moment, in three Spanish cities Madrid, Malaga and Seville. Subsequently more cities will be added to the service, which allows you to request rides for people and their pets by pressing a single button on the Uber app.

To do so, all they have to do is select “Uber Pet” as a trip option. This is displayed as if it were a separate service, along with other products offered by the platform, such as UberX, Van, Comfort or Black.

What should be noted is that, when requesting an Uber Pet, an additional price of 2.5 euros will be charged on top of the usual UberX fare2.5 for bringing the pet (except if it is a guide dog). This is a disadvantage compared to the traditional taxi, because if the driver of the vehicle accepts to take the animal, he does not charge any extra cost to the price of the ride.

In any case, and despite the fact that a surcharge is applied to the fare in most cases, the user will always know the exact price and the estimated waiting time of the “Uber Pet” service in the app, before confirming the trip request, as with other Uber services.

For its part, offering the “Uber Pet” service is optional for drivers. It is they who decide if they want to offer Uber Pet trips, when and how often. Anyway from the company encourage them to do so to get additional opportunities to attract more customers and increase their income.

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