You can now watch DAZN for free and legally

Currently you can find a large number of streaming platforms to watch movies and series. However, if what you want is to enjoy sports content, there are not so many offers.

Along with Movistar+, one of the platforms that broadcasts the most competitions and sports disciplines is DAZN. If you want to try the service without spending a single euro, the company has just enabled its new free pass, which only requires a very simple registration process. With it you will be able to use some of the main functions of the application.

How to access DAZN for free

DAZN has not offered its 7-day trial period again, which is no longer active, but now allows you to access its service and some of its content without having to spend money.

Starting in February 2024, you just have to register on the platform for free content to be enabled. The best thing is that you do not need to add your payment information, which makes entering the portal easier and faster, plus you will not run any risk of making an accidental disbursement. Now, so that you do not have any inconvenience, do the following:

– Enter the DAZN application on your phone or smart TV

– Do not touch “Sign in”, press “Register”

– Add the personal information requested and, when they ask you which membership you want to purchase, close the app.

– Now your account is active, when entering, just write the email and password you used to register.

In this way, you can use DAZN and have access to its content for free, you will find several sports disciplines, such as: MMA, soccer, paddle tennis, handball, darts, etc. You will easily distinguish paid transmissions because they have a lock icon that indicates that they are locked. If you want to access them, you will have to subscribe.

As you have seen, it is a very simple and legal process that will give you access to some free events. If at any time you want to have more sports enabled, you will have to use DAZN memberships to watch everything you want.

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