You can use Google Maps to pay for parking and public transport

Google is ready for that Turn Google Maps into one of the social platforms more complete that exist. Over the past year it has introduced numerous new features to its map suite, some of which make it a true social network by allowing you to create profiles, follow other users, and leave comments. and many more. For example, new tools have been added such as a news feed, the ability to know the lighting of the busiest streets in each city or how crowded the metro stations are in real time.

These are just two of the features of Google Maps, to which two new ones are added that are really interesting: the possibility of Pay parking ticket via the application itself and being able to buy subway, suburban train or bus tickets without leaving Google Maps.

These features are no longer available to all users, but are gradually being activated in some parts of the world. Google is committed to expanding it to other areas as soon as possible. Let’s look at the details:

How to pay for parking using Google Maps

To launch this initiative, Google has worked with two companies so far: Passport and ParkMobile. With these two companies, you can find and pay for parking meters and parking lots from your own application. By integrating their technology in Google Maps, payments can now also be made via Google Maps.

To pay for parking via Google Maps, all you have to do is click on the “Pay for Parking” button that appears next to the destination entered. You need to enter the license plate number of the car, the time you want to pay for and press “Pay”. If you want to add more time, you have to repeat the same steps to extend the parking time.

Of course, you will need a Google Pay account with a registered credit or debit card to validate the transaction. For now, the option to pay for parking on Google Maps is available in 400 cities across the United States, including Boston, Cincinnati, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, and for Android users only. Google has promised to reach iOS users and other cities soon, not only in the US but also in other parts of the world, where it is developing agreements with local partners.

How to pay for public transport with Google Maps

It works the same way as paying for parking: you must have a Google Pay account with an linked credit or debit card. According to Google, the functionality will be available in public transport from more than 80 cities around the worldthanks to agreements with local transport companies.

It’s already available in San Francisco, where you can buy the Clipper Card – a type of monthly pass – through Google Maps. You can also buy the Oyster card in London.

Google isn’t the only company to introduce this functionality recently. For example, in Uber, you can already book in some cities in the United States, such as B. in Denver, buy tickets for public transport.

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