You can use Google to clear the last 15 minutes of search history

Google has added a new security option to its search engine. With this tool, users can automatically manage all of their all Google is searching from the phone in the last 15 minutes. The company drove this new function forward at the Google I / O event that took place in early May, but which only started its work this week.

This Google tool is now available for iOS and will be available to Android users before the end of the year

Right now this option is to clear the last quarter of an hour of search history only available for the Google app on iOS, the iPhone operating system. According to the company, Android users can use the tool later this year.

To activate this option in the Google app, the user must click on their profile photo and, if a number of options are displayed, Click on “My Activity”. When you do, you will see an option just below the search history that says “Clear the last 15 minutes” from the hour onwards.

In this way, the private and secure use of the search engine becomes much faster and easier than having to resort to incognito mode.

Safe search history

However, Google does not offer such a tool for its desktop version. Computer users have two options for clearing their search history.

First, they can select the option to have the history deleted automatically every 3, 18 (the default selected) or 36 months. The other option is to manually clear your search history.

Another way to keep your search history confidential is to protect it with a password. Google launched this tool at the end of May, which allows you to hide activity across all of the company’s services, including the history of views on YouTube and your requests to the Google Assistant.

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