You can use Hootsuite to manage Instagram messages


Hootsuite, one of the world’s most widely used cross-platform social media managers by community managers and social media managers, as well as users of all types who want to manage multiple accounts of different social networks from the same location, has confirmed its integration with Instagram News in your social media area so that you can also manage this form of communication from your inbox.

According to Hootsuite, 14 more people are joining social networks around the world every second

Facebook announced updates to the Facebook Messenger API last week, which will make the integration of Instagram messaging – now also integrated with Messenger – work perfectly with third-party applications. Hootsuite will be one of those applications that supports the Facebook Messenger API for Instagram.

As part of a closed beta program, Hootsuite can initially grant selected customers access to Instagram messages from their inbox. The service will be available to all Hootsuite customers as early as 2021, who can improve the service of their users and followers by managing all commercial communications from the same location.

As noted by Hootsuite, the launch of this functionality also includes features that will allow customers to manage Instagram stories, mentions, and messaging integrations with Facebook stores and Instagram shopping from their platform.

On the other hand, Hootsuite updated the data from its report on the health of social networks in October this year, so we know which of the 18 most used social platforms in the world are today. In addition, it provided other interesting information, such as that the 4.140 million users of social networks in the world spend an average of 2 hours and 29 minutes a day connected. In addition, more than 14 people join social networks every second.

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