Zoom adds end-to-end encryption, but not by default

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Zoom was added End-to-end encryption This additional security system can be useful in all video conferencing that users conduct not only for those who pay, but also for those who use it for free and application-related.

Video conferences with end-to-end encryption only support up to 200 participants

After purchasing the security company Keybase, the company announced in June last year that it would encrypt all video calls, including those from free users, before the end of the year. Previously, all Zoom video calls were protected by the AES 256-bit GCM encryption system. However, the keys were generated on Zoom’s servers. If a hacker attacks them, it can be done using personal data, text or videos from video conferencing.

However, through end-to-end encryption, these keys are generated directly on the computers of the users participating in the video conference, which ensures that no one outside can access this content.

An important point: The point-to-point encryption is not activated by default for all video conferences, but must be explicitly activated by the room administrator. In addition, each participant in the video conference must explicitly activate it in order to join the room.

If the video conference is developed with point-to-point encryption, users will see a green signal in the upper left part of the meeting room, indicating that the meeting is taking place with point-to-point protection.

How to enable peer-to-peer encryption in Zoom

You should also keep in mind that if you are one Users of the free version of ZoomTo enable end-to-end encryption, you must first verify your identity in the video conferencing app. A code will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS so that you can perform two-factor authentication.

Other limitations must also be considered. For example, in video conferences with point-to-point encryption, the maximum number of participants is 200. It should be taken into account that a maximum of 1,000 participants can currently be reached in paid plans. With end-to-end encryption, however, the number of participants is considerably limited.

Other functions are also restricted, e.g. B. 1-on-1 chat during video conferences, live transcripts or meeting recordings in the Zoom cloud, however, significantly increases the security of a platform that has grown dramatically since the pandemic was limited by coronavirus and that there are sometimes important problems had to ensure user privacy.

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