Zoom is looking for 2,000 new teleworking employees worldwide

Zoom hire employees

Although many companies have suspended hiring for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic and in some cases even had to forego employees, there are companies that find themselves in a completely different situation. Zoom, for example, one of the companies that has benefited most from it in the months of Covid-19 and whose income has even increased by 355%, is planning strong growth.

Zoom plans to hire 2,000 employees in various regions and around the world before the end of this year

Zoom has announced that it will be hiring 2,000 new employees worldwide, doubling the workforce. Zoom’s original plan was to hire new employees who lived or moved in the cities of Phoenix, USA and Bangalore, India. However, since employees will be doing their jobs from home, the company has decided to expand the hiring to every part of the world. In fact, the interviews and assessments of the selection process are also carried out entirely over the Internet.

Eric Yuan, CEO and owner of Zoom, has confirmed that they weren’t even looking to target half the growth they planned for this year, but circumstances have changed and they need more staff. Because of this, he ordered Phil Hynes, the head of Human Resources at Zoom, not only to hire two thousand people, but also to restructure the company and create new departments in different parts of the world.

Before the pandemic and its worldwide success, Zoom’s strategy was extremely commercial. The small teams around the world focused on customer service and were nothing more than sales and marketing departments in the local areas. Now, Hynes is changing its strategy to find the best talent in the world and has also provided a number of tips so that those interested in working at Zoom don’t miss out on the job hunt. They are as follows:

– Being among the first to sign up for new vacancies is more likely to be seen by recruiters.

– Show with facts that you really have experience in the position for which you have applied. Zoom has no time to waste, so he wants to know that the candidate really has the qualifications he is pointing out.

– You must be a brave candidate with immediate analytical capacity, which is very much appreciated in a fast growing company. You want people who offer solutions and react quickly to any kind of situation.

– You must share Zoom’s values ​​which are based on solidarity and customer care and teamwork is essential.

– You can pass technical programming tests. Zoom has assembled a dedicated team of recruiters to hunt for engineers. Hence, the interviews and reviews will be very technical.

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