Zoom sales grew 326% last year

While the pandemic has slowed practically all sectors of the economy, leading to a crisis – if not in many cases the ruin – of many companies, there are some companies – least of all – that have benefited significantly from the new situation.

Zoom already has more than 476,000 large companies among its customers

One of them, possibly the most technological, was Zoom. The world’s most downloaded video calling application, led by Eric S. Yuan, had the best year in its history in 2020, as evidenced by the tax results the company presented for the most recent fiscal year.

Income from Zoom Video Communications grew 326% over the past year. The company pocketed $ 2,651 million in the twelve months of 2020, and while the first few months of the year were the fastest growing, the company only had sales of $ 882.5 million between October and December, 369% more than the same period Period of the previous year.

This means that despite the toughest bans, video calling usage hasn’t decreased over the course of the year. In addition, Zoom was able to develop a solid business strategy to offer products that go beyond requirements at certain moments.

For example, Zoom has grown very strong providing services to businesses to facilitate the transition and coexistence between teleworking and personal work. According to the company, the company already has 467,100 customers worldwide, which are companies with more than 10 employees.

The number of companies that are Zoom customers in this sense has increased by 470% in one year. On the other hand, as acknowledged by Eric Yuan, users who use the platform for free to hold virtual meetings and electronic courses are also growing.

However, Zoom is aware that it will continue to grow its business in 2021 will do this more slowly than in 2020 to continue the current situation. In any case, the company is currently showing considerable financial strength.

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