The most valuable brands in the world [2023]

The 10 most valuable brands in the world

Big brands are present in our daily lives. They are the ones that set the pace of trends, create the most cutting-edge devices and have earned a place in what they call “top of mind”, that is, what you think about when you go to buy something.

Every year, the English consultancy Brand Finance carries out a study on the most valuable brands in the world. In this year, we can highlight that the majority of the companies in the TOP 10, represent the technology sectorsomething that should not surprise anyone at this point either.

The 10 most important brands in the world

Next, we are going to see which are the most valuable brands in the world according to the Brand Finance Global 500 ranking.

Top 5 most valuable brands today

-Amazon ($299.3 billion): The largest online store in the world regains first place after four years. The company has suffered a loss of value of almost 15% because users are stopping recommending it due to problems with delivery times, a customer service that does not usually offer solutions and due to the fact that, after the pandemic, people prefer to buy in physical stores, especially local ones. However, its extra services such as Amazon Music or Amazon Video continue to be attractive to users.

Apple ($297.5 billion): The fact that Amazon, despite having lost 15% of its value, surpasses Apple, is due to the fact that it has suffered an even greater drop. In the case of the Big Apple, the fall has been due to a drop in expected income caused by the crisis in supplies of hardware products.

Google ($281.4 billion): Google has seen its brand value increase by 7% over the last few years. The growth is due to the continuous expansion and improvement of its services and products, with launches such as Google Wallet or the optimization of Google Cloud and Pixels. During this year, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) has bet heavily on Artificial Intelligence and blockchain, which has served to strengthen its position.

-Microsoft ($191.6 billion): Microsoft remains in fourth position for another year. During this year, the brand has also opted for the implementation of AI in its search engine, as well as the improvement of its main products.

-Walmart ($113.8 billion): Walmart also maintains the same position as the previous year and is positioned as the leading retailer in the world. In recent years, Walmart has implemented improvements in its processes, betting on blockchain and cryptocurrency payments, among others.

Brands that complete the top 10 most valuable brands in the world

To complete the first ten positions, there is the Samsung Group in sixth position with a value of 92.7 billion dollars (with losses of more than 7% in the last year). Seventh place goes to the Chinese banking group ICB worth $69.5 billion, followed by telecommunications titan Verizon whose value exceeds 67,000 million dollars.

The TOP 10 most valuable brands in the world close it tesla which has reached ninth position with a valuation of 66.2 billion and the social platform TikTokwhich closes the top in tenth position with a valuation of 65.7 billion dollars.

The last few years have been difficult for large companies, which has caused interesting variations in the list of the most valuable brands in the world. However, there is one change that we cannot ignore and the fact that for the first time in many years, Facebook has disappeared from the top 10 and has fallen to 14th place, after losing 41.7% in value during 2022.

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