Guide to buying a DTT decoder: these are the best

If you want to continue watching DTT channels in HD and your television is not compatible with digital terrestrial television in high definition, you have two options: an expensive one and a cheaper one.

The first of them is to buy an adapted television, any of the best smart TVs on the market will already be compatible with DTT in HD. The other, cheaper option is to get a DTT decoder. And in the following guide you will see how to choose one and which of the models on the market are the best options.

Step by step to watch DTT HD with a decoder

Before having an extra expense, check that your current television is not capable of tuning to DTT HD channels. Televisions that were purchased after 2010 should be prepared to tune to the new standard.

But if you are still not sure, the advice would be to tune the channels again and ensure that the current ones are not registered. If not, that the traditional channels are no longer shown, you should opt for the following solutions: view the provision through an IPTV device or buy a DTT decoder, as we explain in the following video:

One option is to use an IPTV solution

Before using a DTT HD decoder, it is possible that you have a device at home such as the Google Chromecast, the Fire Stick TV or the Xiaomi Stick. If so, this will allow you, through the Internet and the installation of an app, to continue enjoying the DTT channels on your television.

In case you have any of these solutions, here is a guide to configure your device with TDTChannels. Of course, to enjoy the content without interruptions, make sure you have a good Internet connection.

This can solve the situation for you, especially if you want to use the Internet, but if what you want is to convert your television into a DTT-compatible device, the other option is to purchase a DTT decoder.

What you should take into account to choose the best DTT decoder

The first thing you should keep in mind is that the decoder you buy is compatible with the standards of the new channels. To do this you must pay attention to two main aspects. The first of them is that it must have the DVB-T standard (Digital-Terrestrial Video Broadcasting, in Spanish).

Meanwhile, the second aspect to take into account is that it is compatible with the MPEG-4 AVC codec, although the best of all is that, since you spend money on a decoder, you do so – as far as possible – with one that be compatible with 4K or Ultra HD broadcasts.

This last codec is known as H.265/HEVC. That said, below you will find a list of the best receivers that you can find on the market to tune into the current HD DTT channels.

Edition Picco T265+

Edision Picco 265+ decoder

It is one of the most popular models among users. Its price is quite affordable (30 euros), it is compatible with 4K channels and, in addition, it provides a USB port where you can connect an external memory and play files in MKV, AVI, JPEG format, among others. It also has a remote control.

Strong SRT8208

Strong SRT8208 Decoder

Another popular model in the sector is the Strong SRT8208, a decoder that is also compatible with the H.265/HEVC codec. In addition, it also has a recording function, so you can connect a hard drive to the USB port it has and make recordings of your favorite programs. Its price is around 34 euros.

Edition Ping T2/C

Edision Ping T2C Decoder

Another model from the same brand as the first option on this list and, although its price is somewhat higher (40 euros), it does offer more interesting features such as being compatible with the H.265/HEVC standard, double USB port , Ethernet port to connect directly to the router, remote control and the possibility of functioning as a multimedia player if you connect a USB memory or an external hard drive, as well as being able to carry out your daily recordings.

Engel RS8100HD

Engel RS8100HD Decoder

Finally, one of the best-known brands on the decoder market – not only for DTT, but also for satellite signals – is the German company Engel. In this specific case it is the Engel RS8100HD model, a decoder whose price is above 50 euros, but which will always be updated thanks to its Ethernet and WiFi connection; It works as a multimedia player and recorder thanks to its double USB port, as well as the function Timeshift to pause the content at any time and resume it at the same point where you left it.

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